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Immigration to New Zealand

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New Zealand PR or Immigration Consultants In Delhi

New Zealand is undoubtedly a stunning country and has one of the best immigration processes for foreign immigrants. It is rich with exotic surroundings and an amazing work-life balance. The country’s people-centric Government and diversified business environment make it even more enchanting to foreigners.

New Zealand Work Visa Categories

  • Employee Visa

If you are an important employee of a company and the organization wants to relocate its operations to New Zealand, you can apply for your work permit and eventually PR under the ‘Employee of a relocation company’ category. 

  • Work To Residency

It allows you to get temporary access or a work permit in New Zealand. You may need to be well experienced in jobs that are available in New Zealand or extraordinary in the Sports or Arts category.

Types Of PR (Permanent Resident) Visas In New Zealand

  • Skilled Migrant Category Visa

It allows people who have adequate skills, education, and experience to work in New Zealand and contribute to the economical growth of the country. 

  • Long-term Skill Shortage List Work Visa

If you have an offer letter based on your skill listed on LTSSL (long term skill shortage list) from a New Zealand-based employer, you can be eligible for this New Zealand working visa.

  • Long-term Skill Shortage List Resident Visa

If you’re holding an LTSSL work visa and have worked in New Zealand for more than 2 years, you may be eligible for this kind. 

Benefits You Will Get To Migrate To New Zealand

  • New Zealand PR and citizenship are considered to be very valuable because the eligible person can enjoy several benefits from healthcare to welfare and many more.
  • To receive free and subsidized healthcare services at public-funded healthcare centers. 
  • To receive free education in state-run primary and secondary schools. 
  • To receive all the employment benefits to work in NZ special economic zones. 
  • To receive social security benefits. 
  • To get sponsorship for your relatives to apply for PR or work visa in New Zealand.

New Zealand PR Visa Eligibility criteria

  • Good health condition.
  • People with good character.
  • Age should be below 55 years.
  • Good knowledge of the English language and fluency while communication.
  • Ability to prove your intention to stay in New Zealand.
  • Genuine intentions to work lawfully and obey Govt. rule. 
  • Well qualified and experienced with mentioned skills as per LTSSL. 
  • Must have the offer letter from your employer in New Zealand. 
If you want to work in NZ, you must have a work or PR visa. If you have enlisted for an LTSSL visa, then make sure you have the proper documents and an offer letter from the employer in New Zealand.
You need to file an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (IPT) for New Zealand visa cancellation, expiration, and deportation issues.
Some of the most popular job industries in New Zealand are Accounts and financing, Software development and programmers, Project Manager, Primary and Secondary school teacher, and many others.
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