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Immigration to Europe

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Europe Job and Immigration Consultants in Delhi

Europe is certainly the most sought-after location in the world to dwell due to everything being so outstanding. Every year, a sizable number of Indians travel to Europe, and in the previous three decades, this number has tripled.

Your needs will receive individualized attention from our Indian European Visa Consultant in Delhi. Additionally, we give our clients individualized counseling sessions and guarantee that they receive the finest immigration visa possible. We the Urban Visa Consultants also assist you in making the best choice at the appropriate moment so that you can get your visa and travel without any disruption. 

Documents Required To Immigrate To Europe

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while planning to immigrate to Europe. 

  • Valid Passport: Only people with less than ten years old passport can apply for Europe immigration and must be valid for four more months. 
  • Language Proficiency With Proof: You have to know the language of the country where you are looking for immigration. 
  • Proof Of Accommodation: Your living plans and accommodation proof must be submitted if you want to stay in any EU country for a short period. Your application can easily be processed if you can get a sponsor for your trip. 
  • Travel Medical Insurance: You must have travel medical insurance of at least €30000 to cover your emergency healthcare needs.
  • Employment Contract: Proof of employment from the hiring company is required. You must have at least a year of experience in the relevant sector.

Application Process

To get a European work visa, these steps are important to follow: 

  • Check and understand what types of employment visas are available in the country where you wish to get settled. 
  • Collect and arrange the required documents.
  • Schedule a visa interview.
  • Arrive at the interview location with all the necessary documents. 
  • Wait for your European work visa to be approved.

Type Of Job Immigrations In Europe

According to your professional background, there are different categories of immigrants:

  • Intra-corporate Transferees (ICT)

ICT applies to applicants from third-world countries. However, your immigration depends upon the condition that your employer has the branch to accommodate you in his organization. 

  • Highly Qualified Workers

You must showcase either your higher educational qualifications or at least 5 years of work experience in the relevant field to fall under this category. 

  • Seasonal Workers

Individuals with a temporary work contract in any EU country can immigrate to the European continent. Proof of your employment contract and accommodation details need to be submitted. 

The Advantages Of Selecting Urban Visa Consultants As Your Visa Consultant

The entire procedure of making your Europe Immigration visa can be finished swiftly and easily with the assistance of our Europe immigration consultants for Europe PR visas. We work hard to keep you satisfied with our services. Our immigration consultant has gained popularity and trust because of the following factors:

  • For the entire process, we provide solutions that are affordable.
  • We provide support throughout the visa application and verification process.
  • We have all the resources needed to simplify the immigration procedure.
  • In every action we do, we ensure utmost transparency.
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