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Immigration to Australia

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Australia Immigration Consultants In Delhi

Australia is famously known for its low rate of unemployment. It is undoubtedly an extremely lucrative option to move to this country. We as a Australia immigration consultants will help you to understand the entire process of Australian immigration so that you can make your choice with sufficient ease.


Australia follows the point-based system for immigration. At least 60 points are required to qualify for this visa. Submission of EOI (Expression Of Skillset) in Skill Select is mandatory. It provides your profile with a particular score. Criteria such as degree of education, work experience, and aptitude in the English language can help you achieve higher points.

Types Of Immigrant Visas

The different types of Australian immigration visas required to work in Australia include the:- 

  • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482)
  • The employer-sponsored visa ( Subclass 186)
  • DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement)
  • Skilled Sponsored Regional Visa (subclass 494)
  • The Training Visa (subclass 407)
  • The Temporary Work Visa (subclass 400)

Eligibility Criteria For The Different Australia Visas

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

  • Nomination for a position by an eligible sponsor is necessary.
  • Fluency in English is mandatory.
    • Candidates must meet mental health requirements.
  • Candidates should meet the requirements of the particular stream (short-term, mid-term, labor agreement) of the application.

Employer Nomination Visa

  • The streams of this visa include the Direct Entry Stream, Temporary Residence Transition Stream, and Agreement Stream.
  •  Candidates should generally be less than 45 years old.
  • Candidates should possess at least three years of effective work experience.
  • Candidate should show significant commitment to training

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

  • Candidates Australia migrants need to qualify for the nomination requirements of subclass 482, according to the three streams of this particular subclass.
  • The nomination needs to be mentioned in the relevant labor agreement.
  • The Department of Home Affairs should approve that the needs of the particular labor agreement have been met.

The Training Visa 

  • Candidates require sponsorships for participation in work-based or classroom-based professional activities.
  • Mandatory fluency in the English language.
  • Candidates should possess sufficient financial capital for themselves and their family members.
  • To apply for Australian training visa, you must be at least 18 years old.

Temporary Work Visa

  • Candidates must possess highly specialized skills and experience that cannot be found easily in the Australian labor market.
  • The skill set of the candidate should be useful in assistance to any Australian business.
  • Candidates can apply for this visa if their visit includes promotional work such as concerts of rock bands or movie premieres.

Benefits Of Our Australian Visa Consultancy

  • We will evaluate your profile to check whether it is eligible for an Australian permanent residence visa.
  • We will provide you with an instant evaluation with our team of experts in the field of Australia visa consultation.
  • When you sign up for Australia visa documentation, we will help you with the assessment, application, and submission of documents along with fee payment.

A responsible case officer will be assigned to you to help you through the entire process until you receive your Australia visa.

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